How Purified Water Works

Water is one of nature’s renewable resources. However, meeting our growing water needs through the natural process alone is becoming increasingly challenging, especially in the face of drought and climate change. An adequate supply of safe, reliable water is crucial to protecting our future. The purification center has successfully demonstrated our ability to create a safe, reliable, drought resilient addition to our water portfolio, producing as much as 8 million gallons per day of advanced purified water that meets state and federal standards.

The purification center receives secondary-treated wastewater from the San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility located across the street. The incoming wastewater has undergone two treatment cycles (or about 10 hours of treatment) that help remove 99% of solid impurities in the water. At the purification center, the water undergoes three additional advanced treatment processes that purify the water to drinking water quality. Currently, this water is blended with recycled water to enhance its quality and expand its usage. However, Valley Water is working on expanding purified water reuse to boost our drinking water supply.

These processes are proven in the water treatment industry and are already used around the world to provide safe, drinking water. You can view an interactive World Map to see where people are already drinking advanced purified water.


Benefits of Purified Water

Creates a new drought-resilient, locally controlled, high quality water supply.

Increases water reliability by providing a consistent supply of purified water in all times, even during drought.

Helps reduce dependency our on water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Protects the region’s groundwater supplies.

Protects the environment by reusing a precious resource.

Reduces wastewater discharge to the San Francisco Bay and preserves the natural tidal habitat.

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