Valley Water and local partners are working to protect and secure our future by ensuring a safe, clean and reliable supply of water to sustain Silicon Valley and our way of life. By investing in water reuse, Valley Water is protecting our water supply resources from threats such as extreme droughts and aging infrastructure. Water reuse is the practice of capturing, cleaning and recycling water for a variety of uses, including drinking. The Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center, the largest advanced water purification facility in Northern California, is producing a locally developed, new supply of water – advanced purified water. Through globally proven technologies, the purification center provides a drought-resilient source that can ensure Silicon Valley has safe, sustainable water now and into the future.

The purified water produced is blended with the existing recycled water supply produced at the neighboring San José -Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility to enhance its quality and expand its usage. Valley Water is also evaluating opportunities to expand existing recycled water systems and purified water reuse to boost our drinking water supply. In collaboration with municipalities and local water providers, Valley Water developed a Countywide Water Reuse Master Plan, which lays the blueprint for regional water reuse and expanded purified water projects.

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