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Assistant Officer Kirsten Struve on KCRA Channel 3 December 19, 2023

Assistant Officer Kirsten Struve from Valley Water was interviewed on KCRA’s morning newscast and by KQED Public Radio reporter Ezra Marcus. The interview discussed the California State Water Board’s vote on uniform water recycling criteria for direct potable reuse, generating buzz around water reuse. Kirsten explained the cutting-edge processes of advanced water purification and highlighted the importance of educating the public about purified water to dispel misconceptions and promote understanding. Kirsten explained why adding purified water to the county’s water supply is important, especially with climate change and the need to deal with future droughts.

Many have considered these regulations to be very stringent and a more conservative approach, which is important as many county’s will look to add purified through the process of direct potable reuse to their water supply. You can see the agenda set for 12/19 here.

See the video and article here.

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